Friday, October 25, 2013

Photo of the Month

Winning Entry

Name:        Lisa Harrington
Title:          At the Cornice
Date:          October 2008
Building:    Ames Hotel
Location:    Boston, MA

At the cornice of the Ames Hotel, the mason doing repairs took it upon himself to give this guy a set of Jahn buckies.

Winning Entry

Name:            Lauren Drapala
Title:              Surveying Fort Sumter
Date:              December 2013
Building:       Fort Sumter
Location:      Charleston, SC

Dorothy Krotzer, Director of BCA South, is shown walking along the parapet wall of Fort Sumter. This important Civil War fortification is entirely surrounded by Charleston Harbor. BCA's survey of the masonry required inspection from the ground, ramparts, and by boat.


Winning Entry

Name:         Cory Trembath Rouillard
Title:           Construction Commencement Ceremony
Date:           September 17, 2013
Building:     The Filene's Building
Location:     Boston, MA

BCA is responsible for the exterior restoration of the Filene's Building, including the white and green terra cotta visible in the photo, and the massive wood windows.  The ceremony, which included a speech by Mayor Thomas Menino, is for both the restoration of the 1912 Filene's Building (already well underway) and the construction of the 60 story glass Millenium Tower next door.  The Filene's Building, which has stood empty for a number of years now, is a beloved iconic building in the heart of Boston.  Its restoration promises to help revitalize the Downtown Crossing neighborhood. Read more here:


Winning Entry

Name:           Assya Plavskina
Title:             Dean in the Attic of St. Patrick's Cathedral
Date:             June 18, 2013
Building:      St. Patrick's Cathedral
Location:      New York, NY

Winning Entry

Name:           Laura Buchner
Title:             Surveying at St. John's
Date:             2013
Building:      Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine
Location:      New York, NY

Winning Entry

Name:      Ric Viera
Title:        Our Friend Kissed by an Angel
Date:        May 6, 2004
Building:  Columbus Monument
Location:  New York, NY

It was the statue of Discovery (the Angel ) that appears to be kissing [Richard] him. It is located at the Columbus Circle monument at 59th street Columbus Circle. It was taken on May 6, 2004, and it will be a moment that I will never forget.