Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Treasures of New York

After working on St. Patrick Cathedral’s conservation for the past 9 years, BCA’s work culminated in a visit by Pope Francis in September. Recognized for our contribution in over 5 publications, BCA’s role was most notably highlighted in the PBS documentary series Treasures of New York produced by WLIW/WNET

Ray Pepi & Michele Boyd were filmed at BCA New York in March 2015. Michele spoke about the history of the Cathedral while Ray described the conservation process. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the filming process. 

A view of the live feed of Michele Boyd being interviewed in the BCA NY library. 
Danius (seated) shows off his beautiful drawings of St. Patrick’s for the cameras.
Ray (on the right) being interviewed in the the BCA NY laboratory.
Getting the perfect shot through the office skylight.

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